Condom Packages

All packages designed by Lori Lieber.

New condom package artwork by Shawn DiCriscio. © 2015.

Vintage condom package artwork by Roger Peet. © 2014.

Original condom package artwork by The Endangered Species Print Project. © 2010.

All rights reserved. Reproduction or redistribution of images must be accompanied by acknowledgement of the designer and artist.

Photo Credits

Population photo (Las Vegas) courtesy Melissa Amarello.

Volunteer photo courtesy Allison Hanes.

Banner photo collage: Development courtesy Flickr/Capt' Gorgeous; hiking child courtesy Flickr/Trevor Manternach.

Dusky gopher frog courtesy USDAgov/Flickr; solar panels courtesy grand_canyon_nps/Flickr; pika courtesy Lukas Vermeer/Flickr; sea turtle courtesy NOAA; Florida panther courtesy Monica R./Flickr.

Banner photo (Los Angeles Pollution) courtesy Wikimedia/David Iliff.

Endangered Species Condoms in Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines, courtesy Allison Hanes.

Endangered Species Condoms Poster designed by Cindy Coleman, Duck Girl Art.